Terms of purchase wholesale-MOUHAJIROUN

Before any barakallah oufikoum for the interest brought to the mark Mouhajiroun, indeed Mouhajiroun is a mark of Mouhajir for more than 13 years by the grace of ALLAH sobhanou, We manufacture and control all our products in our own workshop based in Tunisia, to give you prices and an optimal quality.

Beyond being a simple customer, we want to be true partners, and with YOU make Mouhajiroun a brand that offers quality products that respect the perceptions of Islam, to give the muslim everything he needs. .

It is for this reason that we wish to work with brothers and sisters who are fully involved with us in the long term.


1-1 To become a Mouhajiroun point of sale you must either be a physical store, or be a self-entrepreneur or other, you must have contact information accessible to your customers (address, phone number ..), so that we can add them on our website. And social networks (facebook, instagram, twitter).

1-2 you have the possibility to buy the quantities you want as indicated on the quotes, you have the opportunity to mix models to get the best price (Example: you can buy 25 sarouel + 40 jilbabs and 35 abayas we will apply the price of the 100 pieces for each item chosen on the quote)

1-3 we will provide you a Mouhajiroun point of sale stickers

1-4 you stay at Mouhajiroun point of sale as long as you order every 2 months maximum at the date of receipt of your payment.



You must first take 100 pieces per model with a minimum purchase of 2 models (= 200 pcs). have given you the exclusivity on Mouhajiroun products that you have purchased. You will become EXCLUSIVE point of sale of the brand Mouhajiroun in your city and its suburbs, we redirect all the physical customers of your sector towards you.

You will have to commit to buying merchandise (100pcs minimum) every 2 months if you want to keep the exclusivity (at the date of receipt of your 1st payment). You will know available on our website as mouhajiroun point of sale all the time of your exclusivity.


You will become EXCLUSIVE point of sale Mouhajiroun with an extended sector to the region We will communicate to you an email address pro of the brand: Your region@mouhajiroun.com which will be available on our website and all our social networks. we redirect all physical customers in your area to you. You will have a special distributor price that will give you the opportunity to sell the brand's semi-wholesale products in your area. You will have to take in a 1st time a minimum of 400 pcs on the models that you wish. Subsequently you must agree to buy a minimum of 200 pcs minimum every 2 months and a half if you want to keep the exclusivity (on the date of receipt of your 1st payment).


you have the possibility to buy the quantities that you wish as indicated on the quotations


3-1 COMMITMENT you agree to sell only to physical customers in your area. If you sell on your website you are free to sell without restriction of area. Exclusivity begins on the date of receipt of your 1st payment Exclusivity is only on the products you have purchased. once payment is received we will supply you with your goods as quickly as possible according to the available stock. We leave you the freedom to choose your products as you wish, we commit ourselves to respect as much colors as possible, Sizes and models wanted however there may be small differences on your initial order if the product is no longer in stock, it will be replaced by the same model with other features. Payment can be done either by Paypal on contact@mouhajiroun.com (paypal fees are at your expense), or by bank transfer or money order.

3-2 TRANSPORT AND DELIVERY the transport costs are no longer included in the price as indicated on some quotes they will be at your expense.

4- EXCEPTIONS Mouhajiroun applies special rates Reserved to Mouhajirs who wishes to make tijara, in Muslim country.

You agree to respect all the conditions of sales above and those indicated on the estimates.

Read and approved

(We returned it read and approved on our email contact@mouhajiroun.com)

Barakallah oufikoum and May Allah fructify your Tijara

You can contact us for any additional information,

(sister only) whatsapp / viber: +21643095088

(brother only) whatsapp / viber: +33758213023