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The Jilbab in all its seam

Dress with a Mouhajiroun Jilbab which is made and checked in our own sewing factory, to give you a top quality product. The jilbab is an islamic garment that excites in many models, such as the the 1 piece jilbab consisting of a long abaya with a kind of hood that goes from the top of the head to the bottom of the ankle, thus covering the entire body of the Muslim woman, we also find the 2 piece jilbab which is a set of khimar and a long skirt generally flared.

The fabric of the jilbabs must above all be opaque, neither too thin nor too thick, it must above all be light, easy to wear, it is for this reason that on the majority of our jilbebs we have added a lycra elastane headband which adapts perfecly to the shape of your head without hurting your ears.  

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