About us

About us

Mouhajiroun is a french brand of Muslim and Islamic clothing such as jilbab, khimar or abaya, we manufacture all our products in our own clothing factory located in Tunisia, we use the best accessories and fabrics such as royal wool peach, nidha, chiffon for the design of niqab, hijab, harem pants or prayer set for the month of ramadan. Since 2014 Mouhajiroun dresses you with modesty and quality. We are constantly developing new high-end products for the umma, whether it is home decoration such as olive wood elements, sleeping pads or cushions. we also have a complete category of handmade soap and 100% natural oil for your well-being.


el Muhajir

tagamoh al Awal -new cairo Egypt

License N0: 259-885-967

N0 VAT: 79588

tel: 0033-758213023 (France)

Mobile: +216-95781600 (Tunisia)

Email: contact@mouhajiroun.com

All copies or reproductions of products Muhajiroun trademarks and copyrighted photos are strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution

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